THE KING’S JOURNEY 15. July – 30- July 2016


Under the crest of the King, in summer 2016 we set sail across Sealand’s far waters and dock in its ports.

THE KING’S JOURNEY is an all-encompassing festival where you can relive the richness of Denmark’s Viking and Middle ages. Explore, taste and play your way through pivotal moments in history, defined by the reigns of Danish Kings.

The Kings of Denmark were bloodthirsty with new lands in their sights. They fought for their kingdoms, for power and for the future. In 2016 we mark 1000 years since the conquest of England at the hands of Cnut the Great, the King who would come to rule the North Sea.

You can also tread back into Denmark’s past. Join us here:


15. July – 17. July//KORSØR

18. July – 20. July//VORDINGBORG

22. July – 23. July//KALUNDBORG

24. July – 26. July //RØRVIG

26. July // LEJRE

26. July – 28. July //HOLBÆK

29. July – 30. July //FREDERIKSSUND

30. July //ROSKILDE